What This Is All About…

Right. So… What is this? I’m still not sure. I wrote a few posts about things that I cared about. And a pattern formed.

I had a few things I wanted to say to people I knew were hurting. I had been there, after all. I was writing some guest pieces about my experience and how I hoped it could benefit others. That’s it. Then I was asked to do it again. So I did.

Stories. Reflections on failure and on progress. Thoughts and hopes. Ideas for people who are where I’d recently been.

I believe a person’s life is a story. Any story is a waste without a point, even if that is just to entertain. But lives have meaning if we look. There are lessons to be learned. That’s what I am doing. I’m looking. I’m examining. I’m studying. I’m reflecting. And that’s meaningless if I don’t share.

My life was on fire. Full stop.

Some people helped me, just like some people had helped them. And in the not-so-distant past, there were more of those who’d reconstructed and found their footing helping others to put out the fires burning their lives down.

Without help, my problems turned poetry into dark comedy and tragedy. They turned the structures of our lives to ashes. These people, to me, were like the bucket brigade of old. And I have joined the line to help others. We hope to contain the damage, and help with the rebuilding. We want to give hope, share faith, and offer advice and encouragement. We pray our stories may benefit others.

A lot of my problems dealt with alcohol and alcoholism–Abuse of alcohol. Self-inflicted. There was a lot of drinking. So, you will find much about those experiences and subsequent recovery. You’ll see pieces of my story, and others’. There will be connections to drug abuse and addiction, as I have come in contact with my “cousins” and learned much from them, since we share much in common. There will be a lot about crises, and about hope.

There will be a lot about second chances, because I got one. I took my last shot, and here I am. I’m on my feet again, and setting out on another chapter, because that is what you do when you are given another chance.

So, I’m sharing. I hope there is something here that helps whatever you’re dealing with. Perhaps one of these posts, these buckets of water, will help get your fire under control, or provide some direction for your journey. I hope they’ll benefit somebody.

There may be pieces just for humor, or something may just be put here to keep it, as though in a journal. It may be a portfolio piece.

I don’t know yet. We’ll see. Like every story, we’ll just have to turn the page together. Like every new adventure, you have to set out on the journey. You have to walk out the door. Sometimes you’ve prepared. Sometimes not.

Wherever this is headed, here we go!

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